Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Granny Remix Dishcloth

Granny Remix Dishcloth

Granny remix Dishcloth
I wrote this pattern as a challenge to make something with 25 yards of yarn. I succeeded! I love mine in it’s rainbow colors, but it would look great your kitchen’s colors or as a housewarming gift!  Enjoy!

Worsted Weight Yarn- Approximately 25 yards total, in at least 2 colors.
H Hook
Yarn Needle
Row 1: Ch25 Cut accent color.
Row 2: Slst first main to the last chain. Ch2, 2dc in same chain. *ch1, sk 2 chains, 3dc* Repeat to end. Ch1 Cut yarn and pull through.
Row 3: Turn. Slst accent color in top of first DC. Ch3, sc in ch1 space.  *Ch2, sc in ch1 space* repeat to end. Sl in top of ch2. Cut white, pull through.
Row 4: Turn. Slst main color in ch2 space.  Ch2, 2dc in ch2 space. *Ch 1, 3dc in ch2 space* Repeat to end.  Ch1, Cut yarn and pull through.
Row 5-12: Repeat Row 3 and 4, 4 times.
Row 13: Repeat Row 3.
You can add more rows now if you want to make it bigger.
Trim: Turn 90 degrees and SC evenly down the short side. SC and HDC in the corner. HDC evenly down long side. HDC and SC in the corner.  SC evenly down the short side again. SC and HDC in the corner.  HDC evenly down the long side again. HDC and SC in the corner.   Slst to the first SC. Cut yarn and pull through.

©2012 Jaime D. Designs  Please do not copy, re-write,  re-sell, or distribute this pattern. Finished items may be sold, but please credit Jaime D. Designs as the pattern designer.  Come visit us on Facebook at Help is available at

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