Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crocheted Teething Necklace

Crocheted Teething Necklace
By Jaime DeVries of Jaime D. Designs


Size 3 Crochet Cotton Thread
Size 6 Steel Hook. 1.8MM
5 Round 5/8 in. beads (15.9mm) Unpainted, unstained, untreated
10 Rounds ½ in. beads (12.7mm) Unpainted, unstained, untreated
40-50 inches of ribbon
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker

You will be crocheting around the 5/8 inch beads. It is also done in the round. You could use a stitch marker or just count. In the photos I am using a larger hook to make it easier to see.

Round 1:  Using a Magic Circle, ch1 6sc in the circle. (6)  DO NOT JOIN Pull circle closed a LITTLE. If you pull it all the way closed you will have a hard time getting the ribbon through at the end. Trust me. Learn from my mistake! :)

Round 2: 2sc in back loop of each sc around (12)
My hook is in the back loop, the hole isn't closed all the way, I did not join.

Round 3-6: Sc in back loop of each sc around. (12)
Now you should put your wooden bead in because you will be decreasing next. I like to take the end of the thread from the beginning and weave it up through the hole too. I don’t know if it helps, but I like to think it does. You can also put it in before you do round 6 and work around it. Sometimes that is easier.

Round 7: sc2tog in back loops of each sc around. (6)

Finish off and weave around the circle to close it up some if you need to. Remember, don’t close it all the way as you still need to put ribbon through it. I also like to pull the end through the bead and back out the bottom (round 1) and then cut them both. You should now have a completed bead!
Repeat as many times as needed.

Take your yarn needle and thread it with the ribbon. Put the beads on in order that you like. I did a small bead, large bead small bead repeat. When you get them all on, tie a knot at each end of the beads. I gave it a little wiggle room, but not much.

 Thread each side of the ribbon through 1 bead each. Then thread it through the bead on the other side. Tie a knot at the end of the ribbons and CAREFULLY burn each end of the ribbon with a lighter so that it doesn’t become frayed.

There you have it! A teething necklace!

PLEASE do not leave baby unattended with this piece of jewelry and check the beads often!

2012 Jaime D. Designs  Please do not copy, re-write, or sell, or this pattern. Finished items may be sold, but please credit Jaime D. Designs as the pattern designer.  Come visit us on Facebook at Help is available at

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blanket Love and Inspiration

Lately I've really been wanting to make a blanket, but it is so time consuming that I have a hard time deciding what I want to make since I'll be working on it FOREVER! So instead I'll spend way to long looking online at all the pretty blankets, bookmarking for the future, and drooling over the colors. Let's have a look through my blanket bookmarks shall we? (At the end I'll show some blankets that I have made. So read on!)

First I love this waffle stitch from Suburban Jubilee.
Photo from here.

I LOVE the color blending that Colour in a Simple Life does. So pretty!

Photo from here.
I also really like the Chevron look like in this blanket from Purl Bee. It's definitely back in style! I even like these colors, but I'd probably do pinks to browns. Like a cherry chocolate chip blanket!

Photo from here.
Finally, the last piece of inspiration. This ripple blanket by Attic24. I love this pattern and have used it MANY times!!! I used it when I made the blanket for Jessica Simpson and am currently in progress of making one for my own family.

Photo from here.

And now for some blankets that I have made!

This ripple blanket was part of a celebrity gift basket for Jessica Simpson's little girl, Maxwell Drew. I adapted Attic24's pattern above to make it work.
Photo from my shop.

I also made this scrappy afghan for a friend's baby shower. They are a bright color loving family. This one measured really big. It was as long as a queen size bed is wide.

Photo from my shop.

 You can see the others I've made on my website!

So are you feeling inspired to make something new? Leave me a comment telling me about it. Feel free to link to a post you've written about a blanket you've made as well!

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