Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crochet 101: How to check Gauge

 Crochet 101: How to check your Gauge

You might be wondering, "What do these pattern writers mean when they say, 'Check your gauge!'?". Gauge is oh so very important!!! It might seem like a waste of time. Who really wants to crochet rows then rip it out when there is a really cool pattern you just can't wait to complete sitting right in front of you? I know when I first started, I didn't want to wait. Then I learned that spending the 5 minutes (or less) needed to check gauge was much better than spending an hour on your project then having to rip it out because it's too 2 sizes too small to fit on the pestering anxiously waiting 3 year old.

So what is gauge? Your gauge is how tight or loose you crochet. Gauge varies from person to person and it may vary for you from day to day. If I am really frustrated, I crochet tighter. So make sure you check before you start any pattern.

Let's say the pattern says the following:

With Worsted Weight yarn, using H hook, 10 SC=3 inches.
That means that with your H hook, in 3 inches you should have 10 SC.

To check:
Chain a length at least 2-4 stitches longer than the gauge indicates with the hook and yarn recommended. In this case I would Chain 13 with my H hook and worsted weight yarn.
Chain 13

Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across. Chain 1, turn your work. (12 sc total)
The second ch is not the one closest to the hook, but 1 more over.
Chain across
 Single Crochet in each stitch across. Chain 1, Turn. (12 sc total) Repeat this row 1 or 2 more times.
Chain 1, turn.

Sc across.

Take your tape measure and measure 3 inches. If there are 10 stitches and only 10 stitches, you have the correct gauge!
Exactly 10 stitches! Correct!
If you have more, go up a hook size and repeat the checking process.

Way more than 10 stitches. WRONG!

If you have less, go down a hook size and repeat the process.
Way less than 10 stitches. WRONG!

When you get your gauge right, you are done! Now rip it out and start your really cool pattern!


  1. Great blog Jaime! Sharing some HodgePodge love and putting you forth for a Liebster award. You're probably already familiar but if you're not, here are some details:


  2. Please help .... I have a ripple hat pattern I want to do ... But I can't figure out how to text the gauge. The pattern says gauge: 14 sts(2 repeats)=3.5"; 6 rows= 4" in pattern. The pattern contains DC, a shell stitch and two types of cluster stitch. It's worked in rounds. Please help. I want to learn how to test gauge with swatch.


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