Sunday, April 7, 2013

How I organize my yarn stash

If you crochet or knit you will already know that yarn multiplies while you sleep. First you have just a little grocery bag, then you upgrade to a basket, then a tub and before you know it you have 16 tubs and some bags and a basket or two! So how do you organize and sort all of this multiplying yarn?! This is how I do it!
My yarn collection started small and has grown to over 774 skeins (last time I counted). That number has and will change from that as I use and buy more, but that's a whole lot of yarn!!! I even weighed each of my tubs! Combined, it is over 188 pounds!

I sort my yarn by weight, color and brand. All of my worsted weight yarn is sorted by similar or very contrasting color. For example I have reds and oranges in one box, but yellows and greys/black in another and so on. I have 1 tub that has all Lion's Brand Hometown USA. I got a lot of it on sale during Black Friday. Until I use it all, it will just stay in it's own tub because there is so much of it. I have a tub for all Bulky #5 yarn and another for Super Bulky #6 yarn. Also the novelty fun fur yarns get their own box. There are also tubs for the variegated yarns that have multiple colors in the skein.  The colors I use the most I have put on the shelves so I can get to it easier.

I also utilize these canvas storage boxes I got at Walmart on clearance for $3. They have a metal frame inside and hold up really well!

 The front of each of my storage tubs is a label letting me know what's inside. I find it helpful for the boxes that have the Bulky and Super Bulky yarn inside.

Finally I have 2 of these large glass containers. I like putting my small balls of yarn it in for a little pop of fun color. :)

So that's it! That's how I organize and store my yarn! Not necessarily pretty, but very functional for me!

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