Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stained Glass Afghan WIP Day 7 plus a visit with SANTA!

 (I'm trying to start the Stained Glass blog posts with pictures of something besides the afghan so that if my Mom wants to be surprised, the afghan pictures won't show in the preview on Facebook...)

 Santa came to preschool today!!! He's an awesome Santa and is so patient with all of the kids! Today my kids had their Christmas Party at school. Food, Santa, presents, singing and candy! They had so much fun!

Now for progress on the Stained Glass Afghan. Today I finished the last round of the circles!

I started on 1 of 4 corner motifs. After all 4 corners are done, I do a few rounds of black to make it a square, then a join, then border!

4 days left to finish it!!!! It's crunch time!!!

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