Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips for how to work with Red Heart Sashay or similar mesh yarns

Scarf Vader
I recently got an order for 11 ruffle scarves and an order for 2 more. Let me tell you, by the end of those 13, I have it down to a science! After I finished those two orders, I had done nearly 30 scarves  in the last few months. Today I want to share with you some tricks that I learned along the way.

Red Heart Sashay and Premier Starbella are both yarns that are more like a fabric. They are mesh with a thicker border on one side, sometimes with a metallic thread running through it. The part you crochet into is the side opposite of that thicker side.

Sashay and Starbella both begin in a skein. You can pull from the center or from the outside. If you pull from the center you will find that you will need to untwist it every few feet or so. I don't know about you, but when I get going, I don't want to stop and untwist. Working from the outside is ok, but it rolls all around and isn't my favorite way to work. Also, while you are working the yarn, you need to pull open the mesh so you can get access to the holes in order to insert your hook. What I find worked really well for me is to start from the outside, spread the mesh with my fingers and wrap it around a toilet paper or paper towel tube at the same time. This is what it looks like when wrapped.

So now you have it wrapped around a tube, you could work it from here, but it will keep rolling away from you. Next I put it on a dowel rod, and put it across the top of my feet so it can freely roll without going all crazy! Another option would be if you have a freestanding toilet paper holder that you could put it on. I didn't have one and I am a big fan of working with what you have.

You can see here it is on the dowel and resting on the top of my feet for easy rolling.
My favorite way to work with this yarn is with this video below. In the example, they use Starbella, but it works the same with Sashay.

Have you made any ruffle scarves? Have any tips to share with me? Comment below with any advice you might have!


  1. i do the paper towel/toilet paper rolling with mine too but instead of a dowel i have a yarn ball winder that is attatched to my desk that i rarely take off and the paper towel roll fits right over it and stays on there the whole time i'm crocheting the scarf :)

  2. I love your blog and shop! I too crochet with the ruffle yarn. I was wondering what you charge for your scarves. I have an awful time deciding on this. I hope that you don't mind me asking. Thanks.

    1. Tonia, I sell mine fore $18-$20, but also depends on which yarn I use. Starbella cost more than Sashay. There is one I sell for $30 becasue I use two strands of it together.

    2. I truly enjoy making scarves and accessory pieces around the neck and waist from the Sashay brand. So far, I've made three scarves and one infinity piece along with a ruffled belt/hanging piece for a plain black shirt I own. They're beautiful, accentuate gorgeously and working with them I've found I like the crotchet look better than knitting. It does help that I'm a beginner in both ways of working yarn lol.
      Thanks for posting and in glad I found something I can make for others to enjoy wearing. It's a pride booster I, for one, can live with ;)


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